How To Sell

How do I sell on Zambia-Online's Marketplace?

Selling on Zambia-Online's Marketplace is free
, costs nothing and is a really great way to make extra money fast, and have fun doing it! To get started, make sure you are a registered member and logged in, before you start to sell. For membership details, click here, if you're not yet a member. If you're already a member, you could start selling straight away!  We'll guide you through the process of listing your item step-by-step, including helping you find the best category, and other useful tips. Selecting the right category is important as it helps buyers find your listing. 

Please it is important for you to note that we, Zambia-Online Marketplace, are neither sellers nor co-sellers of any items offered by a variety of sellers here, nor do we in any fashion wish to act as their representatives or enter into any contractual partnerships regarding the sale of items (or exchange of payments for items) between buyer and seller . We are only a content service provider for sellers who choose to use our free tools to enable them reach out to their potential customers and sell their items, and to enable buyers find what they want online. For further details on How To Sell and other related matters, visit our FAQ Pages or contact us.


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